I Historical Overview. The introduction of telecommunication in Ethiopia dates back to Ethiopian Telecommunications Corporation is the oldest public. In the Government’s view, the following are the major determinants of corruption: a poorly functioning legal and judicial system inconsistent with. Ethio Telecom Corporation provides integrated telecommunication services. It offers fixed line, mobile, Internet, data, voice, and value added services.

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Senior management can more easily find out at any moment how a particular organizational unit is performing. With regard to finance system, finance clerks do not do any paper work since both facility material requisition system and Sales and marketing systems are integrated with finance and accounting system.

The software enables data to be used by multiple functions and business processes for precise organizational coordination and control. The new style of etyio firm is a flattened less hierarchicaldecentralized, flexible arrangement of generalists who rely on nearly instant information to deliver mass-customized products and services uniquely suited to specific markets or customers.

The two most effective anti-corruption institutions recommended in the WB report — the independent media and civil society organizations — have been totally decimated.

This two people will not have any further communication except following their application system. Without such sophisticated and integrated software, managing optical fiber is very difficult. At the same time, managing personnel od can be complex and timeconsuming. The Internet and related technologies make it possible to conduct business across firm boundaries almost as efficiently and effectively as it is to conduct business within the firm.

When we come to human resource management system they are also using Oracle HR and Payroll system, which is integrated with finance to make any change updated on employee record like to create payroll, deduction of salary in case of reported absent, leave without payment, promotion and demotion, the known Nile dam construction, housing contribution and so on.

And it boasted the first privately owned public telecoms service in Africa, yet is now the only nation on the continent still permitting a state-owned company to maintain a monopoly on all telecoms services.

What a low down dirty shame!!! Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment teleocm These changes require powerful new systems that can integrate information from many different functional areas and organizational units and coordinate firm activities with those of suppliers and other business partners.


Company Profile and History. Attacks on the press journalism on the world’s front lines ed.

Ethiopia: Telecommunication | Ethiopian History

Enterprise systems create a single, integrated repository of data for the entire firm. Enterprise division is responsible for all enterprises like government organization, profit and nonprofit organizations.

Procurement procedures are bypassed allowing sole-source eyhio instead of competitive tendering. In addition, mobile phone handsets are subject to taxation when they are imported but not taxed when sold in the domestic market.

These projects began in September with an outlay of 1. At this period, the telecommunication services had made a major change of technology ranging from Automatic to Digital technology.

Broadcast service was also limited. Inthe Committee to Protect Journalists site was blocked for several months after it reported the arrest and beating of the editor-in-chief of The Reporter. Ground zero for corruption in the Ethiopian telecommunications sector is the procurement process.

More efficient operations and customer-driven business processes Enterprise systems can help create the foundation for a more customer-driven organization. Research Research Research activity and project outlines. France telecom brought major international management practice, they drafted business processes and processes are etjio. Deregulating and de-monopolizing the telecom sector means competitive rates, cheaper operational costs and greater public access to and expansion of telecom services.

There is also many auto links from this page like: Archived from the original on February 6, Using this application, sales people will activate and deactivate Ethio Telecom product and service.

Companies based in Addis Ababa Service companies of Ethiopia Telecommunications companies of Africa Government-owned companies of Ethiopia establishments in Ethiopia.

Enterprise histoy are designed to support organization-wide process coordination and integration.

After the independence from the Italian occupation, the re-established Ministry of PT and T took over the running of Telephone, Telegraph and Radio communications. The application provides solutions for creating and implementing complex business support solutions for Telecom companies. Bytelegraph lines ran into the capital Addis Ababa from Harar in the east, Tigray in the north and Jimma in the south. Today, networking and the Internet are nearly synonymous with doing business.

Ten cities had lowpower television stations.

For obvious reasons, the WB report could not come out and say it, but the truth of the matter is that somebody or somebodies had a BIG payday when the Vendor Agreement was signed! You may also want to know the impact of these events on every part of the business and how the business is performing at any point in time, especially if you are running a large company. Customer service divisions undertake after sales and presales activities mainlyfor VIP customers.


The Internet revolution is not something that happened and then burst, but instead has turned out to be an ongoing, powerful source of new technologies with significant business implications for much of this century. Retrieved from ” https: Inthe Berlin Conference was held to enable European nations to chop up Africa and colonize it without the need for imperialistic wars among themselves.

According to reports by the OpenNet Initiative and Freedom Housethe Ethiopian government through Ethio telecom imposes nationwide, politically motivated internet filtering. The picture below depicts the home page of the Ethio Telecom ERP system from which all users of each functional unitcan start their operation.

Resource Management System RMS provides inventory management, resource assignment cutover and resource prewarnings. Longdistance and international communications to two neighboring countries went via two radio-relay links: In those years, the technological scheme contributed to the integration of the Ethiopian society when the extensive open wire line system was laid out linking the capital with all the important administrative cities of the country.

Ethio telecom

The system handlesemployee profile, placement, benefit package, promotion, leave, attendance, etc. The introduction and installation of broadband Internet, broadband VSAT and broadband multimedia infrastructure are among the major achievements of the past 12 years.

Local or longdistance calling was difficult, however, with frequent busy signals for uncompleted calls. The enterprise system collects data from various key business processes in manufacturing and production, finance and accounting, sales and marketing, and human resources and stores the data in a single comprehensive data repository where they can be used by other parts of the business. Corruption in the telecommunications sector in Ethiopia manifests itself in a number of ways.

The new expansion is estimated to cost 30 billion birr.