Getting started with Code_Aster Finite Element Program and Salome_Meca The objective of that Tutorial is to present Code_Aster and Salome_meca platform. Note: In this tutorial, you will clone the code_aster repositories. See the Bitbucket documentation if you created your own forks on Bitbucket. You will find on this page the best tutorials to learn Salome-Meca with the Code Aster Salome Meca and Code Aster Tutorials What is Code_Aster (Part 2).

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I installed it in my PC. Posted by ivr at July Once the job is completed, it is possible to display the message file via the Show message file Dode_aster. Extension of the platform.

Some minor issues may be solved in next release Like Like. Roorkee, Uttarakhand, India Registered: Shaper module not part of 9. Results are automatically made available in the Paravis module, in tutorkal case a thermal analysis of a pipe structure: Hello, here you find some very good tutorials for Salome and Code-Aster: In any case the initial sentence in each tutorial. Extension of the platform More…. It has 40 teaching hours to be finished in 8 weeks. Than you for your service of windows salome-meca.

You are commenting using your Twitter account. Run the case Before to run the case, we need to define the output files. I have a plan of at least 10 tutorials right now. This is an update compared to this postpublished a few months ago, before AsterStudy came out. Analyze results Once the job is completed, it is possible to display the message file via the Show message file Button.


Nonlinear Hertz Contact Tutorial I did in the past a post about the Hertz contact… 4 years ago wow… time code_astsr ;- Time uttorial show you how to do that with a proper axisymmetric model in Salome-Meca Hello, I have tried to load other testcases given in the codeaster website.

Non-Linear Structural Modeling – Software – TU Delft OCW

Email required Address never made public. That will not only help others but also keep me motivated to develop more tutorials.

I registered an audio file to make it more easy to understand, I hope this subject will interest you! Where can I find them? Pick up an existing case Run the case Analyze results This time, each step is exclusively achieved using Salome-Meca on Windows. The capability of problem resolution include: Regards, Richard Thanks a lot!

If you have tutorial of salome-meca, please let me know. I leave the place now to the author of the article, my friend and engineer Nicolas Maquignon. We can wait for the job to end. Another very important feature of your tutorial is the voice in English, which, most of the Salome or Code-Aster or Calculix tutorials do not have.

You are commenting using your Facebook account. It is a pity that such a nice program has so outdated tutorials. You are commenting using your Twitter account. Salome does not treat the solvers part of a modelisation. As an example, you can follow this brief presentation of a successfully reproduced tutorial on Windows. The AsterStudy Run window should appear.


Then right click on forma02a. In many companies including mine we have Windows OS and some softwares that only run on windows, so we have to run salome- meca on virtual machine.

Non-Linear Structural Modeling – Software

Posted by Richard S. The study can be described visually, without writing any special syntax. All the tutorials are expected to be closely related to Civil engineering domain as I am a Civil engineer. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: If you permit, I would like to interact with you in your email.

The students receive manuals in pdf format, video-tutorials and solved exercises.

It is awesome to have salome-meca runing on windows! Here are some docs about fracture mechanics and XFEM, but you’re going to hurt yourself if you don’t learn the basics first. A description of the new paradigm can be found in this article which includes a video tutorial going from the geometry construction to the result visualization.

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