Chushingura, the Treasury of Loyal Retainers: A Puppet Play Summary & Study Guide includes detailed chapter summaries and analysis, quotes, character. Chūshingura (The Treasury of Loyal Retainers) has ratings and 24 reviews. Steve said: Kanadehon Chūshingura is a play written for the Bunraku theater. Chūshingura: (The Treasury of Loyal Retainers) by Takeda, Izumo et. al.; 10 editions; First published in ; Subjects: Forty-seven Rōnin.

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Jul 24, Danny rated it really liked it. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. A little introduction, as well as excerpts from a performance, can be seen here: Copyrights Chushingura, the Treasury of Loyal Retainers: After the ronin masterless samurai attack the enemy of their dead lord they act according to the old rules breaking the shogunate law by that.

Frustrated, Retainerw verbally retaliates against Kaoyo’s husband, Lord Hangan. The story revolves around bushido, the honor code of the samurai or ronin, who are masterless samurai.

The two parts were titled Chushingura Go and Chushingura Zen On the way, they pass a number of famous sites such as Mt. Oishi will give her consent only in exchange for Honzo’s severed head.

Chushingura: The Treasury of Loyal Retainers | East Asia Gateway for Linking Educators

Bloody throughout, the play emphasizes duty, loyalty and honor above all other virtues, which is pretty typical of Japanese culture for centuries. A Puppet Play Study Guide. Mitford’s Tales of Old Japan London, Knowing that he may be linked to the vendetta, Gihei has been preparing by dismissing his staff so that they would not be aware of what he was doing.

However, these sequences have been restored with new technology. The Shogun then went further, confiscating the lord’s properties and casting out all his family and retainers.

A Puppet Play by Takeda Izumo. Sep 19, Steve added it Shelves: Because the break-in occurred in December according to the old calendarthe story is often retold in that month. However some names sounded similar and those with knowledge knew what they were referring to in reality.

Chūshingura | Open Library

It’s also a source for about a million later works from all over the world that deal with honor and class and loyalty; it’s fun to read it, then think about every anime every with ‘oh! An interesting aspect of this Definitely a Japanese classic. Fun to read, and I found it quite hilarious as well lyoal everyone is wayyyyy over dramatic and jumping at the chance to kill themselves over petty things. The gifts turn out to tteasury Osono’s shorn hair and ornaments.

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Parts of the original film were destroyed when fire broke out during the production. This play, even more than the classic texts on bushido the way of the samuraibrings home to me the terrible coherence and alienness of a culture willing to sacrifice absolutely everything and everybody to a chushingira of honor in which duty to one’s liege is far and away the highest value, where parents will sell their daughter into prostitution so that their son-in-law will have money to contribute to a monument to his deceased liege and she goes willingly in the name of chushihgura duty to her husband and parentsjust to mention one example of many.

This is the scene which seals Hangan’s fate. Keene provides an excellent introduction and footnotes to help the lay reader with orientation and context.

For this act, he was sentenced to commit seppukubut Kira did not receive any punishment. I loved this play. It is a must. Another was to make 47 the number of rebellious ronin, for that thr the number of kana letters, let’s call them in one of the main Japanese writing systems.

Like many Western plays, this Japanese drama reveals and comments on many of the values of the samurai in the Tokugawa period. However, there is a debate on whether they even should be worshiped and how controversial their tombs at Sengakuji are. Having been originally conceived and presented as a joruri, or puppet play bunraku, for you theatre retainedsthis is absolutely one of those dramatic works that needs koyal be experienced in performance in order to obtain the full scope of the play’s impact.

The multiple authorship of this play, in which, according to experts, different authors wrote different acts, led to a recognized unevenness in quality among ooyal acts, as well as inconsistencies in the characters, resulting in one particular character being played by one actor early in the play and chushibgura another at the end!


Unfortunately, Kampei is tricked by circumstance into believing that he has killed his own father-in-law and therefore commits seppuku. Written around as a puppet play, it is now better know in Kabuki performances.

Chūshingura (The Treasury of Loyal Retainers): A Puppet Play

The samurai believed in their duty to their master to the point that they would commit seppuku if they felt that they had disgraced their master in any way. On a higher balcony Okaru comes out to cool herself in the evening breeze and, noticing Yuranosuke close by, she also reads the letter reflected in her mirror.

I’ll try to remember at that time to come back and write a rating – I don’t think reading it as a play does it justice. I do not want to give too much of the plot away, since the play is very short and proves to be a very quick read. Unlike the novel, the play builds up to the initial wounding of the flunkey, which, after all, precipitated all of the tragedy, in a foreboding manner that made the wounding ineluctable instead of merely a sudden hot headed act of anger though, in fact, there is one.

Because they did violate the chushingurq by killing Kira Yoshinaka.

Chushingura, the Treasury of Loyal Retainers: A Puppet Play Summary & Study Guide

Yuranosuke, to keep Moronao off guard, pretends to have sunken into dishonor and debauchery. In some texts the 47th ronin dies before the final attack for some reason or another. Yuranosuke and his men depart for their ship. The league finds Moronao and beheads him with Lord Hangan’s dagger. Secret Memoirs of the Shoguns: View the Study Pack. One man at the side of the stage, the Tayu, accompanied by a samisen player, recites all the parts as well as his part of narrator.

Not one thing said and not one action was done without thoughts of loyalty.