BioScope Resolve. The Most Advanced AFM for Life Science Research. Andrea Slade, PhD. Senior Life Sciences Applications Scientist. JSPM Instructional Manual · SPM Training Manual – Bioscope II · SPM Training Manual – Multimode · User Manual for Electrostatic Force Microscopy. Magnetic Force Microscopy, and this manual is designed to serve as a supplement to All SPM Lab users must log on to the Bioscope II first in order to turn the.

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The strips are used to permit easy removal of the substrates. This is done to compensate for the mechanical hysteresis of the piezo element. Laser beam Return signal deflected Sample surface Figure bioscop.

Do not place the arc lamp supply on the vibration table because of vibration from the power supply’s fan. Using a low-power objective lens e. Bolt adjustment brackets to maual side of the inverted microscope frame using screws provided.

Items in the Force Calibration control panel are discussed individually in the below paragraphs. Suggestions on working in the Force calibration mode are also discussed. The retraction path of the tube is displayed in white.

BioScope™ Instruction Manual

Wall angle measurements are best measured in open areas for these reasons. Basic Imaging Techniques Contact AFM For laser aligning screws atop the SPM head, the right-rear screw moves the laser spot right-to-left horizontally on both iboscope computer screen detector graphic and on the video camera display. Therefore, the feedback system will sense the error caused by going off of the step and respond more rapidly.

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This is a digital signal feedback process and the actual value multiplied varies between 0 and The damping of the cantilever is held constant by moving the tip in Z as it is simultaneously translated in X bioscopd Y. Other terms and abbreviations are referenced in the Index at the back of this manual.

Place the Nikon inverted microscope atop the vibration platform on a customer-supplied air table. The harder the tip is pressed into the sample, the more RMS oscillation is reduced.

A Lire Avant Usage! Two types of cantilevered probes: The piezo element physically bioscooe the sample in the X, Y and Z direction. TappingModeTM In the case of a single crystal silicon TappingMode cantilever, the substrate should be face-up, with the probe tip lever pointing away from the AFM tip holder.

This is an exit point for light—never stare into the end of the scanner tube while the laser is on.

Bioscope Manual for SWI – TINATOONS

Leaving the NanoScope controller ON without a computer connection for extended periods may damage the scanner. To collect accurate topographical data, the Data type parameter should be set to Height in most instances. Using the back edge, step angles approaching 80 degrees can be measured routinely, depending on the step height. Service contracts are also available to extend this warranty period. For more information regarding this attachment, contact Digital Instruments.

Check scan parameters Check that the various scan parameters such as Scan rate, Scan size, Integral gain, etc. The result is a noticeably sharper point at the end of the pyramid. Close all Channel panels. The sharpened silicon nitride cantilevers have an almost identical appearance, but have a slightly sharper end at the very tip, and are available upon re-order.

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The probe is considerably stiffer than silicon nitride, making it more brittle and less forgiving.

Bioscope Manual for SWI

If dust accumulates on the top surface, the vacuum system will not seal and samples will not be held tightly. Place the Zeiss inverted microscope atop the vibration platform on a customer-supplied air table. To tune the detector setting, adjust the detector screws which are at the left side of the head.

Nioscope correct for cumulative error, our second balloonist, Irene, utilizes integral gain. In this way, it is possible to image samples without using the BioScope optical assembly.

Nevertheless, the system can be driven into oscillation whenever gains are excessive, including Proportional gain. The following items remain to be completed: The laser head should never be plugged into the microscope control electronics unless the head is installed in the Z-stage mount.

Failure to properly loosen the knurled mounting screw could damage the instrument. Although signal processing varies according to the image mode used, the feedback loop performs essentially the same function.

To validate your warranty or service contract, you must pay careful attention to all Cautions and Warnings included in this and other manuals received from Digital Instruments.