real-time: ✓ TP CCMS. ✓ TP Observer. ✓ TP Client. ✓ TP Reports. ✓ TP Passport. ✓ TP Desktop. ✓ Baseline Enterprise Standards of Teleperformance (BEST). The Teleperformance culture is based on five core values: Integrity, Respect, .. BEST (Baseline Enterprise Standard for Teleperformance), are. This set of corporate internal standards, named TOPS (Teleperformance Operational Processes & Standards) and BEST (Baseline Enterprise Standard for .

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Listening to feedback from stakeholders including employees, customers, shareholders, constituents, etc and then acting on that feedback can be as critical to baselime success as financial management, strategy and execution.

Defining the Best Strategy | Teleperformance Performance Management

A vital component of any leadership strategy, which is often overlooked, is feedback mechanisms. When we know about them in advance, we can better prepare our team to have assertive responses to clear 80 percent of such interactions. Through its intuitive, web-based report builder interface, users have the flexibility to generate custom reports, evaluate large amounts of information, and increase visibility of their core metrics.

That is the way we do business: The ability to still surprise them with such genuinely baselinw service that surpasses expectations is one of standardss most remarkable traits of the people of Teleperformance in the Philippines.

We try to impart the unique culture — we have Teleperformance DNA running through our blood, we live and breathe our corporate values, diversity and inclusion are the norm, employee-volunteerism is strong and vigorous, and the caring nature of the people is innate.

We help our partners define the best strategy to deploy an efficient and unique operation, no matter the location. This result is achieved through structured processes that provide leaders with consistent assessments of agents’ results. Baseline Enterprise Standard for Teleperformance BEST By defining, sharing, and implementing worldwide best practices, Teleperformance assures consistency and quality in all standardw operations, all over the world.

A shining example of feedback we receive was provided by a hotel booking customer who was very impressed by the care and dedication shown by our agent.

Technology has changed the way we communicate.

By defining, sharing, and implementing worldwide best practices, Teleperformance assures consistency and quality in all its operations, all over the world. Behind the numbers, however, customer feedback tells the deeper story of how our people truly demonstrate how Teleperformance Philippines Cares.


They are included in the following indices: TCD shows the most current subjects of interest to customers. Avoiding the Leadership Bubble. The same floor management process in every single site in the world reduces variation among leaders and among agents, and increases productivity, ensuring that all Teleperformance clients receive higher quality service everywhere.

At the end of the day, there will be metrics and numbers that show our performance. BEST also reinforces consistent best practices in project and Human Resources management in all Teleperformance operations worldwide.

TEP FPthe worldwide leader in outsourced omnichannel customer experience sgandards, serves companies and administrations around the world, with customer care, technical support, customer acquisition Core Servicesas well as with online interpreting solutions, visa application management services, data analysis and debt collection programs Specialized Services.

We tell them of our global network, the deep well-spring of experience and expertise, and the full range of latest technological tools and solutions for whatever requirement they may have. These are our globally-tested operational systems stahdards guarantee consistently excellent performance tor our people.

Teleperformance Desktop also monitors desktop state and provides the ability to lock out a workstation based on business need. A tool that empowers management to customize the approach to customers according to their mood, increasing the perceived quality of customer care.

It reveals the consistency of our processes, our alignment with Teleperformance values, gor continues to reflect the commitment with our employees, clients, customers and shareholders. To bring the right solution to each customer, we help our partners define the best customer service strategy and deploy an efficient and unique operation to handle each interaction, no matter the location.

Now, customers choose how they want to interact with brands and companies. We tell every potential client about our high standards.

CCMS is a flexible solution that provides insight into the bottom line, offering a wealth of information and tools to manage productivity, payroll, and client performance. The right solution for each brand and customer. The articles centered on how the changing economy will require leaders and employees who retrain and often completely transform their skills multiple times throughout their working life. Teleperformance in the Philippines Cares is our latest brand communications campaign, launched in It manages programs in languages and dialects on behalf of major international companies operating in a wide variety of industries.

Teleperformance shares are traded on the Euronext Paris market, Compartment A, and are eligible for the deferred settlement service.

TOPS is a daily performance management process: Teleperformance CCMS integrates data from many systems and departments into a comprehensive view of performance at every level.


Teleperformance Desktop is a targeted communication solution. Identifying the main reasons that lead customers to get in touch with Teleperformance is one of the main purposes of TCD. Teleperformance in Portugal isfor the first time, certified in all six Teleperformance Group processes at the same time.

Change Country

Mobile devices and social media help us stay in touch whenever and wherever we want. This set of corporate internal standards, named TOPS and BEST, aims to improve the quality entfrprise existing practices and processes in the company to ensure consistency and high performance in our operations all over the world.

Through decades of business and client service leadership, Teleperformance’s commitment to quality has delivered BEST. This data is stored for reporting and analysis by time period and mood. At Teleperformance in the Philippines, we love to celebrate positive feedback and use this as a way to recognize our people for the outstanding customer experiences they produce at every interaction.

At Teleperformance Philippines, our people understand what the work is really about — changing lives every day. We take pleasure in creating a Teoeperformance Place to Work for our people so ejterprise are enabled to take care of their customers. The product standarfs evaluates emotions and initiates call recording automatically if either the agent or customer seems frustrated, stressed, upset or irate. We consistently monitor our operations to guarantee we achieve the best results.

It is all about teamwork between operations, departments, quality system and the audit team. As the customer experience evolves, we know that most expect the highest level of service every time, at every interaction.

Teleperformance Announces Consultancy Business for CX Research

The customer was surprised how the agent spent three hours on sfandards line, never giving up on the mission. One of the most inspiring parts of our business is positive customer feedback, especially when it involves one of our remarkable employees in the Philippines!

We go to work day in and day out because the work that we do matters, and the people that we interact with needs our skills teleperformanec our talents to help them solve problems that are important to them. Marilyn Romero-Ventenilla and Ethel Macalino contributed to this article.