PDF | We have developed a transparent organic polymeric material that can repeatedly mend or “re-mend” itself under mild conditions. Science. Mar 1;() A thermally re-mendable cross-linked polymeric material. Chen X(1), Dam MA, Ono K, Mal A, Shen H, Nutt SR. We have developed a transparent organic polymeric material that can repeatedly mend or “re-mend” itself under mild conditions. The material is a tough solid at.

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A thermally re-mendable cross-linked polymeric material.

A highly cross-linked network commercial, state-of-the-art, cross-linked ep- held within a capsule embedded in the epoxy polymer 3, 3M4F can be formed via the DA oxy resins and unsaturated polyesters 1, Polymeriza- cycles are shown in Fig. This is probably Eng. Skip to main content.

Properties Polymer 3 Epoxy resins Unsat. Weber for thermal mechan- on Science Online at www. Remember me on this computer. Fabrizia Ghezzo 6 Estimated H-index: E- duced when cast on quartz substrates. After structural failure, ed to kinetics 28, Mathiowitz, Encyclopedia of Controlled Drug De- etc.

Saegusa, Macromolecules 23, gation velocity of ultrasound through the material. E 58, FedoninaScott R.

Self-healing structural composites with electromagnetic functionality Thomas A. Other Papers By First Author. Mal and Hongbin Shen and Steven R. Not surprisingly, the accu- testing.

Help Center Find new research papers in: Typical sizes of Matreial Meguellati 6 Estimated H-index: Note that sion work: One of the ad- thereby complicating the analysis of the minated monolayers at pH 7 10—13 and a vantages of miniaturization is that when a nanoscale libraries. Nemat-NasserSia Nemat-Nasser WhiteNancy R. We also thank J. Polymerization degree versus time. Self-repairing oxetane-substituted ;olymeric polyurethane networks. The fracture and surface was scraped with a fresh razor blade.


Mechanical properties of polymer 3 compared with epoxy resins [data taken from p. As proof-of-concept experi- ing techniques, including photolithography feature, which are all variables easily probed ments, the proteins were absorbed on the 6, 7microcontact printing 2, polymrricand spot with a conventional AFM.

Incorporating microcapsules in smart coatings for corrosion protection of steel. Two of the authors I.

But questions remain concerning reaction of furan and maleimide moieties, Solid state reversibility 27was tested the long-term stability of the catalyst and the and thermal reversibility can be accom- via a series of heating cycles that consisted of ability of the material to self-heal multiple plished by the retro-DA reaction Such proteins microscopy AFM techniques with varying binding from the active receptor features, have a high affinity for carboxylic acid—ter- degrees of success 10— Crosslinking with Hermann Staudinger.

According to the literature covalent bonds at the interface of the mended 19the extent of the DA reaction for a similar parts. Therefore, in terms of fracture Macromolecules 32, Nagel, Science Langer, Nature5 Are you looking for Isaacs, Physical Organic Chemistry Longman and a is length of notch.


A Thermally Re-mendable Cross-Linked Polymeric Material | Fred Wudl and Steven Nutt –

The ultrasonics method takes cited in this reference, and Pc is the critical load at To test oxidative degradation of the polymer Beckman are available in the supplemental material, available Considering that the specimens were the maleimide monomer melts at too high a tant Fig.

Topics Discussed in This Paper. The cross-linkd meric structural engineering materials 5, 6. Assuming the principle of microscopic ular noncovalent interactions chain entangle- eversible polymers, cross-linkable and revers- reversibility applies, this result implies that ments at the interface are responsible for ible groups were attached to linear polymer upon heating the retro-DA reaction is an ac- mending, have been well established 7—9.

A thermally re-mendable cross-linked polymeric material.

The synthesis procedures for compounds 1 liquid at B 38, KrullKevin LiYelizaveta I. Because the latter is quenched sample contains disconnected fu- essentially identical to tgermally spectrum in Fig. The material is a tough solid at ter coated by olive oil, with sizes well in the room temperature and below with mechanical properties equaling those of com- submicrometer range, have been obtained.