The Beedie School of Business at Simon Fraser University has RADIUS (Radical Ideas Useful to Society) a social innovation lab and venture incubator launched in March 2013 by director Shawn Smith, a social entrepreneur in his own right who teaches entrepreneurship and innovation.Its multi pronged program of people, systems and solutions recently launched a five month fellows program for 20 social entrepreneurs offering personal skills development, community building, coaching and mentorship. It also runs accelerator programs, including one geared for high impact, growth stage companies and another for ventures looking to test and refine their business model. A social mission isn enough, said Smith, who emphasizes the importance of being strategic and competitive.Acknowledging the current upswing of programs for social entrepreneurs, with few in existence when he launched RADIUS only two years ago, Smith contends it a response to important contextual needs at universities and a generational shift.

If the number he yelled was absurdly high, I could either sell to him or just go on farming.” Warren BuffettThe power of this parable is that it makes sense to us intuitively that the value of a farm isn’t going to swing wildly from day to day (or minute to minute). That’s because it is ultimately priced off its fundamentals, which is its ability to generate long term cash flow.Yes that cash flow will vary from year to year, based on commodity prices. But over time the value of quality farm land has historically gone up.

But don’t take my word for it. I asked Chancellor Phil DiStefano on Saturday why it has taken so long to get to this point. Who would know better than DiStefano after all? He’s served this school for 41 years and has been connected to the athletic department through much of it as faculty athletic representative, Provost, vice chancellor and in his current role..

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Dropshipping is very popular so don’t be surprised that you might see the item you want to sell already for sale on eBay. Please don’t focus on other peoples prices. If you can get close to what other people are selling the item for or even match it then you’ll be just fine.

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